Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse Ham It Up for the Camera

Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse

Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse just popped a quick little selfie of himself oh you know, just casually hanging out with the one and only Chow Yun Fat on social media. “A wild Fat Gor 发哥 (aka Chow Yun Fat) appears” he captioned, referencing the commonly used hashtag by fans who post selfies they’ve taken with the superstar online.

Chow Yun Fat may be known as the king of Hong Kong cinema, but did you know that the veteran actor is also quite the selfie king? In fact Google his name + selfie and you’ll be greeted with a whole slew of photos with him happily posing alongside his fans.  Not only does he never shy away from hamming it up for the camera (as long as you ask him nicely of course) but chances are he’s even the one taking the photo!

His attitude of gamely obliging his fans for photos isn’t surprising since Chow Yun Fat is famously known to be a humble and down-to-earth actor despite his fame. Instead of opting to have a car shuttle him around for his errands and appointments, the actor has been photographed multiple times taking the bus and the MTR like most people since it’s the faster and more practical option. Not only is he quite sensible when it comes to his funds – eating in affordable places and generally living simply, but he’s donating his entire fortune to charity. No wonder he’s such a well-loved actor amongst generations of fans.

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