Xu Kai Puts Body Shamers in Their Place as He Flaunts His Six Pack

Xu Kai Puts Body Shamers in Their Place as He Flaunts His Six Pack
Photos: Xu Kai / Weibo

Xu Kai recently shared a topless selfie, which wowed a lot of fans when he gave everyone a glimpse of his enviable abs. You can definitely see why folks likened his six pack to an ice tray as all that hard work at the gym clearly paid off. Funnily enough, the 28-year-old actor hilariously captioned his post with a plea to be allowed to eat two burgers. Netizens definitely obliged him in the comments, telling him to eat more whilst some even offered to buy him all the burgers he could eat!

I wonder if this body transformation was spurred in part by the body shaming he received after his drama She and Her Perfect Husband aired last year. Remember how he was mocked for being fat and for “having no muscles” when the intimate scenes between himself and Yang Mi were shown? But then again, it could also be that Xu Kai might have already developed what we all know is a requisite for artists these days – a thick skin.

While Xu Kai has been generously sharing the “fruits of his labour” on his social media posts, he’s also shown himself to be unperturbed by public opinion. In the past, he even candidly talked about how he was advised not to post photos of himself because he might find himself losing fans due to his weight gain. His response was pretty chill when he said he wasn’t worried. He said it’s actually good for young fans to “fall in love more” and to try liking other actors.

Xu Kai is set to comeback with a drama very soon in the fantasy series Snow Eagle Lord opposite Gulnezer Bextiyar.

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