Vanness Wu May Have Just Put His Foot in His Mouth Bringing Up SNSD in Front of Jessica Jung

Vanness Wu May Have Put His Foot in His Mouth Bringing Up SNSD in Front of Jessica Jung
Photo(s): @vannesswu and @jessica.syj / Instagram

Talk about a truly awkward moment when Vanness Wu was caught on camera at an event in Shenzhen bringing up Girls’ Generation members Tiffany and Soo-Young whilst chatting with Jessica Jung. It can be remembered that Jessica’s departure from the group was anything but amicable so the topic might understandably still be a touchy one. Netizens pointed out that when Vanness mentioned the two ladies amongst their common acquaintances, a strained and uncomfortable expression flashed across her face for a second before she said “oh, okay”.

Vanness Wu
Screenshot from Instragram Stories

What made the situation even more cringeworthy and a wee bit insensitive according to Netizens is when he popped up a selfie with Jessica on his Instagram Stories set to the song “Gee” in the background. “Does he really not know?!” commented one disbelieving Netizen. Although Jessica voluntarily left the group back in 2014, she did previously mention that she was unfairly asked to leave and that she felt hurt especially by members with whom she’d been working alongside for more than a decade.

Meanwhile, other commenters pointed out that Vanness shouldn’t really be expected or obligated to know about Jessica and the falling out between herself and her former Girls’ Generation members all those years ago.

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