Stephen Chow and Jay Chou Finally Meet Up in Hong Kong to Tease … a Wine Collab?

Stephen Chow and Jay Chou
Photos: Stephen Chow and Jay Chou / Instagram

Well wine-not? The comedy legend and the Mandopop king have been hinting at a possible collab since March when Stephen Chow first popped up a photo of himself enjoying a glass of wine whilst listening to Jay’s latest album. “See you in Hong Kong” he tagged Jay Chou. Stephen’s manager also alluded to a potential partnership between the two stars when he told media they’re in talks but couldn’t really disclose any deets for now.

Folks assumed the pair will finally be meeting up in Hong Kong when Jay is in town for his sold out concerts. Aside from catching up with industry friends like Jacky Cheung aka one of the “Heavenly Kings”, Stephen and Jay did indeed meet up as seen on both their posts on Instagram recently.

How it Started and How It’s Going

After Stephen put up that photo last March, Jay who was in Paris at that time later “returned” the shoutout whilst holding up an ace with a scene from Stephen’s iconic God of Gamblers III playing on his iPad. “Sing Ye, would you want me to bring you a couple of bottles of red wine from France or do you want me to help you with Pierre Cashon?” referring to the French god of gamblers Stephen’s character battled with in GoGIII.

I’m not sure if all the references to wine – with Stephen holding a glass in the photo and Jay asking about bringing him a couple of bottles, was them already dropping easter eggs over their possible collab in the future. But lo and behold, Stephen and Jay’s recent meet up saw them happily posing with giant bottles of vino in a wine cellar. “So when we’re tasting wine, we need to roll it around the mouth after a small sip. May I ask Sing Ye, love songs must first sound sweet then bitter. Bittersweet. That’s why I need to roll the words around my mouth when I sing too” wrote Jay. With Netizens clamouring for more details – is it an acting collab or a limited edition single too since Stephen is working on one with the band Mayday. Jay didn’t reveal much except to say it’s a tasting and an exchange of art. Meanwhile, “… myself and @jaychou want to work together, aside from selling wine, what else can we do?” said the comedy legend.

What do you guys think it could be?

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