Jay Chou Hypes Comeback Album With a BTS Peek at His Paris Recording Session

Jay Chou
Photo: Jay Chou / Instagram

Jay Chou fans, the wait won’t be much longer to get your hands on the singer’s comeback album confirmed to be out on July 15. It’s been six years since Jay released his studio album “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories”. And while he did pop out his single Mojito in the summer of 2020, a full album hasn’t happened until now. To get everyone excited for the upcoming drop, the Mandopop star uploaded a Paris vlog where he teased some tidbits about the kind of sound you can expect from his album.

Finding Inspiration

Starting off their adventure in a Parisian flea market, the singer appears to have gravitated towards “old” things that have a lot of history. Picking up a microphone from the 1950s, Jay said if he wanted to write an old song, he can use an old microphone. Then after walking some more, he sat down behind an old piano and tapped out a random tune. “I was inspired” he said. “If I make a song from this piano, it’ll sound like music from the last century.” Sadly, with a price tag of more than a million euros, writing a song from the antique piano just wasn’t in the cards.

Just when you thought you finally had the theme pegged at retro and classical sounds, Jay throws everyone for a loop when he sits down to play “something closer to today” on the piano at the Gare du Nord. Then it’s over to Paris’ majestic Opéra Garnier the next day where Jay ends his vlog recording a song. The teaser closes with the date of his album drop.

Any guesses what his new album will be like? Details of his upcoming release are still pretty much under wraps although perhaps an older post on his Instagram might provide another clue. The good news is, it won’t be long now as it’s already coming in less than a month.

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