Rainie Yang Responds to Doubters Who Say She Can’t Dance

Rainie Yang
Rainie  yang
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Rainie Yang joined the Taiwanese all-female pop group 4 in Love when she was just 16, debuted as an actress the following year and went on to have a successful career for over two decades. Now the singer-actress is a series regular on Great Dance Crew 2 了不起! 舞社. But not everyone seems to be impressed with the almost 39-year-old star’s dance moves. Aside from being told she can’t dance, Rainie has also been mocked by the internet for her “dance face” which Netizens say is a tad excessive and overdone.

In the past, Rainie had taken to social media to defend herself against naysayers who laugh at her “intense” expressions saying it’s actually required for her performances. With her recent performance on the show, Rainie once again addressed her dancing when she spoke about the importance of keeping a positive mindset.

Listening to Myself

I’m a very confident person, but when I got into this environment, I found that whatever I do there will always be doubters and naysayers telling me I’m unsuitable” she said. That’s why she says it’s so important to feel at peace with yourself. She added that the key to maintaining inner peace is to realise that despite being bombarded with other people’s opinions, the person she needs to listen to the most is herself.  And the outside voices saying this and that? They’re just noise.

Rainie says when she begins to have self-doubts, she said she thinks about giving herself a hug, or giving herself a pep talk so as not to succumb to the thought. “You’ve done very well for yourself” she reminds herself each time. As for those who says she can’t dance? “I want to also say here:  my fans feel bad for me for denying my ability to dance so I told myself, from this day on, I’ll remind myself that I do know how to dance… and that also next year, despite turning the big 4-0, but I’m still gonna keep on dancing

Great Dance Crew is a hip hop dance variety show where teams compete to win the best dance crew. Originally, the show had all-female cast for its contestants. However, it appears the show may have now changed directions to also give male dancers a shot in its second season. This season’s Great Dance Crew features Rainie Yang, Jessica Jung, Gao Hanyu, Cheng Xiao, Dany Lee (Lisi Danni) and Santa as its series regulars.

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