Rainie Yang Busts Out Her Aespa Dance Moves… But to a Different Version

Rainie Yang Busts Out Her Aespa Dance Moves .. But to a Different Version

Rainie Yang showed everyone her moves when she danced off to Aespa’s Next Level for the Chinese dance variety show Campus Go 沸腾校园. What’s curious though is that despite following the Korean idol group’s dance choreography for the song, the version Rainie danced to is the original one sung by A$ton Wyld for Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Which begs the question, if you’re going to follow Aespa’s choreo for the song, might as well dance to the song too right? After all it did also win several awards including “Best Kpop Song” and Song of the Year at the Korean Music Awards this year. Some found it inappropriate to have the dance and not the song although there are others who find it to be a nice tribute nonetheless.

This seems to have puzzled some Netizens too, with some even leaping to the conclusion that perhaps this has something to do with the Hallyu Ban. Remember the unofficial ban in CHina on anything remotely related to Hallyu in place since 2016? Things appeared to be looking up last year when it was rumoured Catman, helmed by EXO’s Oh Se-hun was finally airing. However, it too was suddenly pulled at the last minute with nary an explanation at all. But then again, it could also boil down the show not having the rights to the song.

Helmed by Idol Producer winner Cai Xu Kun as producer, Campus Go brings together university aged dance lovers who will be mentored by Rainie Yang as well as Miss A’s Jia. Actor Tan Jian Ci who himself is no slouch when it comes to dancing completes the mentor line-up.

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