C-pop Idol Babymonster An Boldly Confirms She’s Dating and Says It’s Never Interfered with Work

Chinese Idol Babymonster An Boldly Confirms She's Dating and Says It's Never Interfered with Work

From actors to idols, paparazzi sightings of celebrities going about their daily lives have become all too frequent. When it comes to dating rumours, some choose to ignore it while others issue denials. Recently, gossip blogger Liu Dachui has snapped photos of several C-pop idols like R1SE‘s Xia Zhiguang, INTO1‘s Zhang Jiayuan and NEXT‘s Huang Xinchun as well as actor Xing Zhaolin. Out of the bunch, Babymonster An (An Qi) from the girl group THE9 boldly issued a response to admit that the man she was papped with is indeed her boyfriend.

An Qi confirms boyfriend

Some C-Netz Remain Unhappy with Idols Dating

Liu Dachui’s footage shows An Qi holding a bouquet of flowers after parting ways with her fans. She goes on to meet a guy who puts his arm around her. He is also papped throwing tissue he used onto some bushes. Furthermore, a photo of An Qi with a little girl captioned by a customer thanking restaurant staff for helping take care of her daughter has led many to assume that the idol was helping out at her boyfriend’s restaurant. It’s riled up some fans who feel she only cares about dating now. Some explain that the little girl in the photo, which An Qi also shared on her social media is actually her friend’s daughter. Meanwhile, others feel there’s nothing wrong regardless because An Qi being nice to kids should be viewed as a positive thing.

An Qi’s Response

As the topic of idols dating also trended online, An Qi appears to be the unbothered queen as she takes to social media to confirm that she’s dating. The Chinese idol who just turned 27 this month assured fans that she remains passionate about her work. She wrote, “Hello everyone, good afternoon, I am An Qi. Sorry for taking up public resources, thank you for everyone’s concern! It is a normal relationship that’s never interfered with work, treating everyone sincerely with no intention to hide it. Don’t worry everyone, (my) dreams haven’t changed, (my) sincerity hasn’t diminished. Thank you everyone. ❤️​​​​”

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