“Oh No! Here Comes Trouble” Promises to be Another Fantasy Series for Your Watch List

Put "Oh No! Here Comes Trouble" on Your Watch List
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iQIYI’s newest supernatural series Oh No! Here Comes Trouble 不良執念清除師 is shaping up to become quite a crowd pleaser this spring given the amount of interest it’s been drumming up since its release. The Taiwanese series about a high school student suddenly gaining superpowers is only 12 episodes long with 2 episodes airing every Saturday. Safe to say though that viewers are finding the show’s unusual theme of using Chinese calligraphy to fight demons and give their souls peace pretty interesting. If scary flicks aren’t your thing, however, don’t let the demon fighting theme put you off because viewers have already said they were surprised with the comedy.

An iQIYI International Original

Another thing to note about the series from Chinese online video platform iQIYI is that this is an original piece produced by iQIYI International, which is headquartered in Singapore. From the teacher-student romance in Lesson in Love to Thai BL action series KinnPorsche, they’ve certainly been ramping up a variety of content outside mainland China. Although it’s not on iQIYI’s platform in the mainland, word-of-mouth travels fast with the show earning a solid Douban rating of 8.9.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Synopsis

Tseng Jing Hua, Vivian Sung and Peng Cian You make up Oh No! Here Comes Trouble’s demon fighting trio. Tseng Jing- Hua plays Pu Yi Yong, the high school student whose life changes drastically when he wakes up from a 717 day coma. After a freak accident that put him in the hospital and which took the life of his father, his once boring life suddenly changes when he wakes up with new superpowers. Together with Vivian Sung’s rookie policewoman Chen Chun Ying and his school rival Cao Guang Yan played by Peng Cian You, the three embark on a crazy journey of fighting demons.

Other familiar faces featured on the show include Joe Cheng, Cheryl Yang who plays Pu Yi Yong’s mum, Bobby Dou and Jack Yao. Thai actor “Nonkul” Chanon Santinatornkul also takes on a role in the series with iQIYI making its commitment towards increasing their investments in the production of Chinese and Thai content.

Tseng Jing Hua
Tseng Jing Hua levelling up his calligraphy skills for 6 months in preparation for his role in Oh No! Here Comes Trouble

Incidentally, Tseng Jing Hua worked hard for six months perfecting his calligraphy writing skills just for the show. I’m no expert but his calligraphy skills look pretty impressive and definitely nothing to be sneezed at judging from samples of his own writing! Glad to see everyone’s efforts are paying off as the show continues to get more buzz amongst viewers.

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