Man Who Edited Himself Into a Kissing Scene with Dilraba Dilmurat Says He Was Beaten Up

Man Who Edited Himself Into a Kissing Scen with Dilraba Dilmurat Says He Was Beaten Up

Thanks to advancements in face swapping AI tech and video editing tools, people can now edit themselves into photos and videos with their idols. One of them, a video special effects editor named Hong Liang posted a doctored clip of himself supposedly kissing Dilraba Dilmurat from a scene in You Are My Glory. The clip got him many tongue lashings from Netizens who called him out for being “vulgar” and “disgusting”. Not only that, but the man claims fans of the actress even managed to track him down and beat him up.

Known to his followers in Douyin for skilfully editing himself into scenes from popular Chinese dramas, the video editor unknowingly angered some of Reba’s fans when he replaced Yang Yang with himself in a kiss scene from their 2021 collab You Are My Glory. Whereas some questioned the legality of what he’s doing – copyright infringement and all that, if what he says is true, it seems some fans might have taken things too far when they beat him up just to express their unhappiness.

Taking to Douyin to show everyone what happened to him, his face appears to be studded with scratch marks and scars. In a separate video which he captioned  : “I’ll say it again, I advise you young people to study hard and to chase stars reasonably…” Hong Liang asked people if what they did and calling his edit “obscene” and insulting was reasonable.

Dilraba Dilmurat
Screencapture: Hong LIang / Douyin

The original person in the scene was Yang Yang. I only edited myself in to replace Yang Yang and didn’t do anything “overboard”. It’s just that I don’t look like Yang Yang .. and that makes me obscene? Now I insulted him and I’m a liar? Then (if this is obscene) they should’ve edited out this scene from the drama… all I did was to change Yang Yang’s face to mine. What if it’s Wang Yibo’s face I changed it to or Xiao Zhan’s? Or Huang Jingyu’s or Dylan Wang Hedi’s etc . Will you all still say the same thing react the same way? Will you say what you said to me .. ‘what an insult, how obscene?’ Think about it, are you being reasonable?

To his point, I wonder if he edited in popular young actors instead of himself into the clip kissing Reba, would the reaction and what they’re saying be the same? But then again, in Reba’s shoes, it’s also a bit disconcerting to see yourself being “kissed” by an unknown person in a video. As for the clip, Hong Liang said he already took down the clip especially after countless Dilraba Dilmurat fans messaged him privately to delete the video. Meanwhile, he also apologised to the actress and promised never to make video edits of the actress ever again.

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