Ian Jiang Zhihao Who Joined “Youth with You 3” as a Trainee Battles Final Stage Lung Cancer

Ian Jiang Zhihao Who Joined "Youth with You 3" as a Trainee Battles Final Stage Lung Cancerv
Photo: Jiang Zhihao Ian / Weibo

You may remember Ian Jiang Zhihao 蒋智豪 who joined Youth With You’s third season as a contestant in 2021. The 26-year-old idol hopeful disappeared from social media last August and returned just this month. Sadly, he has just disclosed that he’s been battling late stage lung cancer, the same disease that took his mother six years ago. He said the mental and physical toll it took made him think about ending his life but credits his family and close friends for pulling him out of that headspace.

“Fighting Hard to Live”

Sharing an update on his condition on social media, he wrote: “during the time when I disappeared, I was not idle. I was fighting hard against a disease. This diseased took my beloved mum six years ago. I didn’t expect it to come for me so soon. “Terminal Lung Cancer (肺癌晚期)” These four words are the reason why I disappeared. I don’t smoke but at the age of 26 I had to fight it. I’m really having a difficult time. The physical and mental pain made me constantly think about ending my short life. This disease turned me into a stranger. When I stand in front of the mirror I don’t even recognise myself. I’m afraid to tell anyone. I just want to hideaway. It was my family and close friends who pulled me out of that downward spiral and gave me the courage to face the time I have left so that I can properly say goodbye to everyone and to my old self. I will still fight hard to live. I hope I can spend more time with family and friends. Okay, that’s the end of the story. I’m leaving. Finally, I wish everyone good health and hoping for a cancer-free world.”

On March 12, Ian Jiang Zhihao shared another update which includes a photo of himself and the hospital captioned, “Arrived at the hospital, thanks for all your concern​​​.” Since disclosing his condition, messages of support have continued to pour in with fans encouraging him not to give up and to continue fighting until he recovers.

Another update from Ian Jiang Zhihao

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