Eric Chou Makes History as the First Mandopop Singer to Hit 100 Million Plays on Spotify

Photo: ericchou0622 / Instagram

Congratulations to Eric Chou as his song How Have You Been? (你, 好不好?) just broke the 100 million mark on the number of subscriber plays on Spotify! This is quite the feat since the 27-year-old Mandopop singer-songwriter-actor even surpassed Jay Chou’s highest ranking song (on Spotify at least) Love Confession  (告白氣球) which currently has 92.9 million hits on the music streaming platform. Come to think of it, another one of Eric’s songs – What’s Wrong (怎麼了) comes in at a close second to Jay’s with 92.5 million plays. All the more reason to celebrate, right? Also among the big leagues on Spotify is Chinese singer-songwriter Joker Xue with his song Actor (演員) having 84.1 million hits.

Over on Youtube, four of Eric’s vids have already surpassed the 100 million views mark with What’s Wrong and The Chaos of You just below 150 million. Meanwhile, his older MVs for How Have You Been and The Distance of Love are about to hit 200 million views each. It’s worth noting that other artists with MVs having over 100 million views include Jay Chou and G.E.M. Gloria Tang whose top MVs are Love Confession (241 million) and Light Years Away (263 million) respectively.

Eric recently held a packed two day concert on February 25 and 26 at the Hong Kong Coliseum which his fiance Dacie Chao also attended in support. This week, the singer once again took to the stage for his concert in KL and will be heading to Atlantic City in April for his World Tour.

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