Eric Chou Announces He’s Expecting His First Child With New Wife Dacie Chao

Eric Chou
Photos: Eric Chou / Instagram

Eric Chou and his former news anchor wife (yes, wife!) Dacie Chao are expecting! The 27-year-old singer and songwriter was super ecstatic when he shared the news with his 1.2 Million followers on Instagram today. “I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have the most amazing wife, and now we are happy to announce a baby is on the way! Words can’t describe my excitement. I can’t wait to start a family with you my love!” Guess today’s pregnancy announcement also doubles as the couple’s wedding announcement what with the way he oh so casually slipped “wife” in there. A tidbit his agent also confirmed in an interview with Taiwanese media ET Today.

They registered (marriage) first, and everything happened naturally. God also gave them the very best gift. (Pregnancy) there was a set time to announce this good news. He’s very happy and very excited, and he feels he’s ready to receive this gift” his agent revealed. Although Eric didn’t quite cry when he learned the news, he is nonetheless super happy and excited.

Since it’s a day for revelations, Eric’s agent was naturally asked about the baby’s due date and gender. This time though, his agent kept mum on the details, opting instead to protect mother and child and not disclose anything to the public for the time being. As for Eric who’s currently in the middle of a World Tour, his agent said that since Dacie’s pregnancy isn’t for the moment uncomfortable, Eric will still take time to take care of her despite his very full calendar. For now, the singer has commitments scheduled up to the end of the year. However his agent said he’ll definitely set things up when possible so Eric can take some time off to spend with his wife.

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