Christine Huang Duoduo, 17, Draws Flak for Mispronouncing Words on Her Storytelling Program and Issues an Apology

Duo Duo, Huang Lei and Sun Li's Daughter Issues an Apology for Mispronouncing Words on Her Storytelling Program
Screencap from @陪你多读书 / Douyin

Christine Huang Yici (黄忆慈), better known by her nickname Duoduo (多多) is the eldest daughter of celebrity couple Huang Lei and Sun Li. However, she has recently drawn flak for mispronouncing some words on her storytelling and reading program 陪你多读书 on Douyin.

Criticism on the 17-year-old Duo Duo’s slip-ups was mostly centred on the fact that she mispronounced words like 闯荡 (chuǎng dàng) as zhuang and 河堤 (hé dī) as ti which Netizens feel are pretty common. More importantly, given that the account is targeted towards helping young impressionable kids to fall in love with reading, many pointed out they should’ve been more rigorous in ensuring there won’t be any blunders. Not to mention, Netizens said a high school student shouldn’t even be making rookie mistakes like these anymore. Even so, there are those who defend Duo Duo and feel that some Netizens were being too hard and critical of the young teen. Duo Duo practically grew up in the public eye having joined season 2 of Where Are We Going, Dad? when she was around 8.

In her apology, Duo Duo acknowledged the criticism over her shortcomings on the program’s account. “We accept everyone’s corrections and criticism. Apologies for mispronouncing words. This is indeed our shortcoming and we accept everyone’s criticism. In particular, apologies to the kids, we will delete the video to ensure the mistakes won’t be replicated. In the future, we will do our best to avoid making such mistakes. We will improve ourselves and hope everyone will guide us.

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