“Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” Cast Holds Another Mini Reunion Party

"Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace" Cast Holds Another Mini Reunion Party

Here’s another treat for fans of the series Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传. Can you believe it’s been five years since the series aired? Thanks to its producer Huang Lan who shared a quick snap on social media, we’re getting a peek at the mini gathering the cast held recently. From the wide smiles and the thumbs up raised for the camera, it looks like it was a great night for everyone to reconnect and reminisce.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace
Zhou Xun as Ruyi and Wallace Huo as Emperor Qianlong
Photo: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace/ Weibo

Unfortunately, the show’s male lead Wallace Huo who played the Emperor Qianlong was noticeably absent unlike the last one they held in 2019. However, actress Zhou Xun who plays the titular Ruyi and the two ladies who schemed against her – Dong Jie who plays Empress Fuca and Tong Yao who plays Consort Hui were in attendance, as was Ruyi’s onscreen ally, actress Zhang Jianing who played Noble Consort Ying in the show.

Actress Yu Ziyang who played one of the Empress Dowager’s spies Lu Muping aka Noble Consort Qing, also shared some snaps with the ladies of the imperial harem who attended the reunion. And if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was just fun night out with the girls. Nonetheless, I love how the crew has kept in touch and how they made time to reconnect and have fun despite the seven years that have already passed since they were all together filming Ruyi’s Love in the Palace.

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