Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (2018)

Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun in Legend of Zhen Huan 2

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 后宫如懿传 is a 87-episode Chinese drama that is the sequel to Liu Lian Zi’s 流潋紫 critically-acclaimed Legend of Zhen Huan. It has has confirmed top film actress Zhou Xun (Our Time Will Come) as the titular lead opposite Wallace Huo (Imperial Doctress) and also stars Janine Chang (Here to Heart), Dong Jie (Secret of the Three Kingdoms), Li Chun (Qing Yu Nian), Vivian Wu (Always With You), etc. 

Filming began just a month after Wallace Huo’s wedding and aims to premiere in 2017. The story continues the events from the prequel onto the next generation, revolving around the romance between Emperor Qianlong and his childhood sweetheart Ruyi.

Poster Ruyi
Alas, imperial unions are never so simple since Ruyi’s family and the Empress Dowager are sworn enemies. Ruyi also attracts the irate jealousy of the women in the inner courts and the once loving couple find themselves increasingly at odds. 
Release Date: August 20, 2018 Tencent (two episodes every Monday to Thursday Friday at 8pm), members watch 8 episodes in advance 

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Wallace Huo in Ruyi
Zhou Xun in Ruyi
Janine Chang in Ruyi
Dong Jie Ruyi
Li Chun in Ruyi
Wu Jun Mei Ruyi
Hu Ke in Ruyi
Xin Zhi Lei in Ruyi
Tong Yai on Ruyi




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