Hong Kong DJ Called Two-Face for Praising Gigi Leung Publicly But Criticising Her Privately After Her Concert

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung and Pitar Leung
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Singer-actress Gigi Leung, 46, has been busy recently with her concert, but the show has drawn attention over not-so-nice comments made by Hong Kong DJ Pitar Leung. He now seems to be doing damage control as he apologises after catching flak for bashing her concert on his personal Facebook account when he was just praising her publicly on Instagram.

Pitar Leung about Gigi Leung
Netizens call out Pitar Leung for being two-faced after saying something nice about Gigi Leung publicly but changes his tune privately
Source: @leungmanlai / Instagram and Folies Bergere / Facebook

One of the looks Gigi wore for her recent concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum was a poofy cerise ombre gown.  After the concert, the DJ posted a photo of Gigi on IG Stories and praised her for being beautiful. He even included a heart eye emoji. But it turns out he felt quite differently, criticising practically everything about the concert on his personal Facebook. “The flow is bad, the song arrangement is bad, the dancing is bad, of course, she also sings poorly.” He added that even the song Love Yourself she couldn’t perform properly. “The only thing praiseworthy is her short hair which is really beautiful and suits her. Her figure is good and she can carry off the ugly costume, like this one where it looks like she’s wearing ‘a tissue used to wipe a nosebleed’.” It was quite a turnaround from his “so beautiful” comment on Instagram. So it’s not surprising how he was called out by Netizens for being “two-faced”.

An Apology and an Explanation

Pitar addressed the issue on his radio show on February 20 where he revealed that he sent a long message to Gigi to apologise. “I don’t have her contact number so I sent a long text to Gigi through Vani (another DJ) hoping that she can accept my apology.” He said that to a certain extent, he’s not just a DJ who’s just there to criticise the concert as he’s familiar with her music. Adding that he has always loved Gigi’s songs which accompanied him throughout different life experiences, he said he is sending this message to show love to Gigi. “I support her and hope to meet her in the future” he said.

As for why he did what he did, he said maybe his seat affected his impression that day. “I want to apologise to the team and to Gigi Leung. I watched the concert on the first day and shared on my platform what I think should have been done, had a few opinions… A concert has many aspects and the audience have their own expectations.” He also said he got asked by music fans whether there was something he may have missed. “Maybe there’s something wrong with my seat angle”.

“I Will Continue to Improve”

Meanwhile, when Gigi was asked about the incident, she graciously said “everyone has their own expectations and standards. I don’t think it really matters. But I realise there’s a lot of room for improvement. I did my best and it may not have met everyone’s expectations. But that’s okay, I will continue performing so I still have time to improve. I hope everyone gives me time to improve and do better” she said.

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