Coco Lee Opens the Door to More Divorce Speculation With The Release of Her Song “Tragic”

Coco Lee
Coco Lee
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Happy Hearts Day to those of you who celebrate! Is Canto-pop queen Coco Lee’s latest song her breakup anthem? Having released a new single entitled “Tragic” on the eve of Valentine’s Day, many are wondering if the pop diva is making a bold statement with her latest release – that she’s ready to move on from her marriage to Canadian (ex?) husband Bruce Rockowitz whom she married in 2011.

Coco Lee
Coco Lee: “Love has reached this point, one word: tragic

Leaving is the best way forward. It’s too late for ‘I love you’s” she captioned enigmatically as she promoted her latest. Then in the wee hours of Valentine ’s Day she once again posted: “Love has reached this point, one word: tragic”. Not exactly the mushy romantic post you’d expect someone to make on Valentine’s right? Then, the lyrics to the song itself seem to be quite telling: “I don’t need you. Leaving is the best way forward… if love died, I’m celebrating moving on.”

Hanging by a Thread?

Rumours that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks surfaced once again when Coco shared her drastic weight loss where she dropped down to 42.3 kg recently. People thought the stress from her troubled marriage was getting to her, especially with reports that Bruce allegedly cheated on her multiple times with younger partners.  Media also reported that Coco moved out of their home half a year ago.

In an earlier post this year where the pop diva shared the lessons learned from her experiences in 2022, it seems Coco is trying her best to move on from a difficult year. “Sometimes life isn’t easy, but I want to bravely face all kinds of difficulties with the attitude of a female warrior. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. Strength, courage and bravery is the wisest outlook we can have whilst living life.”  

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