Christy Chung Shows Off Her Summer Ready Bod in a Red Swimsuit

Christy Chung Shows Off Her Summer Ready Bod in a Red Swimsuit

How is it that February has flown by so quickly! While it’s still a ways off from summer, it looks like Hong Kong actress Christy Chung already has summer in her mind seeing that she’s currently off on a beach holiday. The 52-year-old mum of three uploaded a clip on Xiaohongshu looking fab in an attention grabbing red swimsuit (and a white horse). Set to the tone of Miley Cyrus’s super catchy “Flowers”, Christy wrote, “Love life✨Love yourself✨Forever beautiful” as she’s all about being a capable independent woman (who looks good whilst doing so too!).

Staying Positive Against Bashers

Christy Chung at the beach

In recent months (if not years), the actress has been at the receiving end of various mean comments fat shaming and age shaming her. Remember her videos on Douyin where she and sometimes with her husband tried dancing to songs that have gone viral? Trolls ridiculed her for her “fleshy” appearance. Likewise when she popped up another dance vid trying out Blackpink’s Venom, she was then ridiculed for “trying too hard” in her pink outfit. Some trolls even mocked her relationship to her younger husband Shawn Zhang Lunshuo whom she married back in 2016.

Whilst she tries to be positive most of the time – Christy said being happy is the most important thing and perhaps the best way to staying young, sometimes the negativity takes its toll too. It hasn’t even been a year since Christy broke down in the middle of a livestream saying she was tired. Society has put a lot of pressure on women to maintain their looks. For celebrities in particular, that pressure must be crippling.  For Christy, she said that after trying her best to be active and to maintain her youthful looks and body, all she really wanted was for people not to scold her anymore.

But c’mon cut her some slack, at 52, doesn’t she look amazing?

Photos: Xiaohongshu


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