“New My Fair Princess” Actor Benjamin Ties the Knot with Boyfriend

"New My Fair Princess" Actor Benjamin Ties the Know with Boyfriend

Remember Benjamin, the court painter in the 2011’s New My Fair Princess 新还珠格格 who also liked the heroine Xiao Yanzi but was never gonna get the girl? As news of his recent marriage has gotten the show trending once again on Chinese social media, many C-Netizens sent their well-wishes. Actor turned yoga instructor Ban Jieming (Benjamin) aka Benji Schwartz tied the knot with his partner in New York last month. In the photos he shared on social media, the newlyweds both looked pretty dapper as they raised their hands together joyfully. “Love Wins” he captioned.

In 2020, when the world was still smack in the middle of a raging pandemic, Benjamin excitedly shared “he said yes!” after popping the question. And now, after a two year engagement, the couple married in a Jewish ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

In 2009 Benjamin appeared in Taiwan’s Super Idol 3 (超級偶像3). Although he didn’t quite make the cut, it was on the show that he supposedly caught the eye of My Fair Princess writer Chiung Yao. The Taiwanese writer was said to be a fan of his voice and was impressed by his fluency in Mandarin. When Benjamin lost in the top ten, Chiung Yao was said to have created a character specifically for him in the remake. In recent years, after filming a few more dramas, Benjamin quietly faded out of the industry to become a professional yoga instructor.

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