Jackson Wang Goes on a Rant Against Western Media’s Portrayal of China at His London Concert

Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang
Source: Jackson Wang / Weibo

This is my home, this is my home country” said Chinese k-pop star Jackson Wang as he tells fans to come to China and see for themselves how completely different it is from the China media portrays.

During the London stop of his Magic Man World Tour last week, the idol cautioned concert goers against what he refers to as Western media’s “propaganda bullsh*t”. Not holding back on the profanities when he sounded off on stage, he went on to say, “Listen, listen, there’s so much f*** media talking about b***, it’s not like China. Media, f*** media. Propaganda b***“. Jackson also warned people to be more discerning and not to blindly believe what media says because it is often coloured by filters or biases. “If you travel to China one time, you’ll feel like damn it’s a dope place” said the idol.

Jackson’s move won the support of many Chinese Netizens who commended his patriotism. This isn’t the first time he’s done this though. Previously, the Hong Kong born star proudly wore the Chinese flag onstage given to him by fans in a 2019 concert. He was also amongst the stars who publicly stated their support for China when protests erupted against the Hong Kong police on the same year.

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