Bowie Wu Celebrates his 91st Birthday With Industry Friends

Bowie Wu
Bowie Wu with his grandkids
Source: 汪曼玲 / Weibo

A very belated Happy Birthday to veteran Hong Kong actor Bowie Wu who just celebrated his 91st birthday on January 18. The 91-year-old who even held a concert last year (at 90!) rang in the happy occasion with long time industry friends who all got together to celebrate everything Bowie, and just in time to have a big Lunar New Year reunion too.

In one of his birthday celebrations (the beloved actor was said to have had 5 banquets celebrating his 91st) Bowie, the star of the night looked super excited to be amongst close friends as they all posed for photos before blowing his birthday candles. The event appeared to be well attended too by fellow Hong Kong veteran actors like 81-year-old Lo Hoi-pang and Daffy Tong, actor slash director slash producer David Chiang and former talk show host-industry veteran Wong Manling amongst others.

Bowie Wu celebrating his 91st borthday
Source: 汪曼玲 / Weibo

Likewise, his grand birthday bash held on the day of his birthday also saw many friends and family celebrating their beloved colleague/mentor/friend/grandpa. Posing with his four great-grandkids before blowing his birthday cake, his birthday bash was also attended by close showbiz friends like David Chiang, Helen Law Lan, Maria Cordero, Nancy Sit and Wong Manling just to name a few.

Happy Birthday again to Bowie Wu and wishing him many more happy returns!

Bowie Wu with friends and family
All Together Now!
Source: 汪曼玲/ Weibo

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