Bowie Wu Fung and Helena Law Lan Dancing On the Streets

Bowie Wu and Helena Law Lan Dancing On the Streets
Photo: Screencaps from the 2016 TVB show House of Spirits and Xiaohongshu

Aww how cute is this? Veteran Hong Kong actors Bowie Wu Fung and Helena Law Lan were recently spotted dancing spontaneously with each other on the streets. Bowie who’s already 90 and Helena who’s two years younger at 88 still looked pretty spry as they danced together like there was no one watching. Both actors were actually on set filming a new TVB drama and it’s just sweet to see the interactions between the two longtime friends. It can be remembered that they were caught in marriage rumours not too long ago!

Bowie Wu and Helena Law Lan dancing
a Netizen (香港棉棉) posted the clip of the pair dancing on the platform Xiaohongshu

Fake News

News that Bowie and Helena are engaged started circulating back in November after the actor’s birthday concert celebrating his 90th. At the time, media outlets even reported that the pair didn’t plan to hold a wedding banquet nor get a marriage license, claiming Helena said “they just wanted to support each other for the rest of their lives”. Moreover, whoever “broke” the news also pointed out that Bowie and Helena appear to have been getting closer to each other after the passing of Bowie’s wife in 2016.

When asked about it by media outlet HK01, Bowie laughed it off and said it’s just a “beautiful rumour”. He did say though that a lot of people thought the rumours were true and that he’d been receiving a lot of messages even on Whatsapp from people reaching out to congratulate him. Likewise Helena also confirmed that the rumours are fake.

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