Yang Mi’s Baby Hair Draws Attention and Netizens Want to Know the Brand of the Growth Serum She Previously Mentioned

Yang Mi's Baby Hair Draws Attention and Netizens Want to Know the Brand of the Growth Serum She Previously Mentioned
Photo: Yang Mi / Weibo

As one of China’s most bankable actresses, superstar Yang Mi almost always ends up in the hot search somehow. Recently, it was her appearance on GQ Magazine China’s reality show Last Ticket 红毯背后 and the obvious growth of baby hair on her forehead that saw the hashtag “Yang Mi’s Baby Hair Bangs” trending. Stills from the segment seem to show that the actress has a lot of hair growth on her hairline. Why even GQ Editorial Director Rocco Liu noticed the changes when he mentioned on social media how “truly astonishing” Yang Mi’s baby bangs were and that it surely was a sign for him to continue using his hair tonic.

Yang Mi in Eternal Love
Yang Mi disguised as a male in Eternal Love
Screencapture from Eternal Love Episode 1

Bidding Adieu to Her Hair Woes?

In recent years, the 36-year-old star has come under scrutiny for her seemingly receding hairline. At times, her reality show appearances would trend due to people noticing her higher hairline. People also pointed out that it was quite noticeable when her hair was pulled back whilst disguised as Si Yin in 2017’s Eternal Love.

But did you know that this is a common issue that’s been plaguing actors who work on a lot of historical dramas? With all the wigs and hairpieces necessary to bring period dramas to life, it seems the heavy hairpieces, not to mention all the product needed to keep everything neat and tidy takes a heavy toll on the actor’s hairline.

GQ Last Ticket
Photo: Rocco Liu Chong / Weibo

Yang Mi recently mentioned that she was using a growth serum recommended to her by a friend.  Although she said she first had to go through a period of excessive shedding to rid the scalp of unhealthy and dry hair before regenerating healthy new ones, it certainly looks like the treatment is working too. You only have to take a look at the numerous baby hairs framing her face now to see that it’s effective. While many wonder what brand she’s actually using, Rocco responded to his commenters, “Any medicine with the ingredient minoxidil is fine. But you must follow doctor’s orders.”

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