Stephen Chow Asks Followers For Advise on How to Up His Wakesurfing Game and Angelababy Responds

Stephen Chow
Source: Stephen Chow / Instagram

If you’re looking to up your fitness game for the new year (or this year for that matter), why not take a page out of Stephen Chow’s book and try your hand at wakesurfing? The 60-year-old actor recently put on a wetsuit and a life jacket for a wakesurfing sesh. And since he’s been pretty active on Instagram after joining the social media platform this autumn, you can bet that he shared snippets of himself hitting the water.

Now I haven’t tried wakesurfing yet but I reckon just managing to stay on the board and standing upright is already a feat. And look, he even landed his jumps! However, ever the perfectionist, the actor-director and filmmaker was far from satisfied with his jumps. “How can I jump higher? Some advise please” he captioned.

Sing Yeh really is the epitome of age being just a number. Despite being 60, many found it amazing how he’s still taking up a new sport and quite a difficult one at that. Likewise, Netizens who have experience wakesurfing immediately offered what appeared to be very specific and solid advise on how he can improve his form and his jumps. Others offered to teach him.

Meanwhile, Angelababy appears to have some sage advice of her own:  “your core ought to flow from inside to the outside and then from the outside and back again” she said.  Stephen asked her to demonstrate to which she said give her two years to practise first. His cheeky response, “so fast?” And if you’re familiar with Sing Yeh’s classic King of Comedy which came out in 1999, it seems Baby has kind of cheekily quoted him in reverse from the film!

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