“Homesick” a Great New Addition to iQIYI’s Light On Suspense Thrillers

"Homesick" a Great New Addition to iQIYI's Light On Suspense Thrillers

Who would have thought a web drama entitled Homesick 回来的女儿 would be anything but a wholesome family themed drama? If you’re thinking you’re in for a pretty chill time in front of your screen, think again because iQiyi’s newest Light On Theatre offering might have you at the edge of your seat with its suspenseful plot. The 12-episode series stars Wendy Zhang Zifeng as Chen Youxi aka the “daughter” returning home, and the cast has earned praise overall especially veteran actors Wang Yanui and Mei Ting who play the parents.

Following at the heels of successful suspense thrillers like The Bad Kids, Homesick has consecutively placed in first among the currently-airing web dramas according to Vlinkage rankings. With a well thought out plot and good casting, it has garnered good reviews and started out strong with a Douban rating of 8.2 for its opening volley. Numbers seem to have dropped to 7.6 as the series progressed, but with its finale already airing in a couple days time, it remains to be seen how the series will ultimately fare.

Homesick Synopsis

Set during the 90s in the small town of Tan Ling where cases of people mysteriously disappearing or getting hurt happen frequently, a young orphan named Chen Youxi escapes the orphanage in an attempt to find her missing friend who worked as a nanny for the Li family before her disappearance.

She also learns that the family’s daughter who is of similar age as her also went missing. To find out what happened to her friend, Chen Youxi pretends to be the daughter of the Li family who finally “returns” after missing for many years. This unexpected reunion between the Li’s and their daughter caused endless turmoil in the small town. As surprises and truths continue to unravel, the secrets hidden by the Li family gradually come to light.   

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