Carmaney Wong “Forcibly Kissed” by a Pair of Naughty Orangutans Whilst Holidaying in Thailand

Carmaney Wong
Carmaney Wong
Source: Carmaney Wong /Instagram

It appears Carmaney Wong’s recent holiday is truly one for the books. With quarantine conditions in Hong Kong finally easing up, the beauty queen found herself taking advantage of the shorter quarantine period to holiday in Thailand. Little did she know that it would turn out to be quite an “event-full” one, what with her getting kisses from orang-utans and later catching Covid-19 on the same trip.

Stealing Kisses

Sharing her zoo experience on social media, the cheeky pair appeared to be quite enamoured of the 2019 Miss Hong Kong winner as she sat between them. Betcha she didn’t expect to be showered with lots of kisses from the persistent pair. Despite being told no by their handlers, the cheeky duo even held her hand as they continued with their shenanigans.

Later, Carmaney captioned the experienced with “am I being forcibly kissed? .. after that smacking sound and a bit of drool ..” She even joked that perhaps they’re really humans in costume. Nonetheless, Carmaney later clarified that the naughty pair clearly had a cute side.

Testing Positive

It seems Carmaney may have also caught Covid-19 overseas. Upon her return to the city, she tested positive at the airport despite a negative result when she took a quick test prior to boarding her flight home. Hong Kong media reports that she only has a mild sore throat and is now quarantining at home.

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