This Lady Who Paid to Star in a C-Drama But Fell for a Scam Is Not About to Give Up Her Showbiz Dream

This Former Banker Who Paid to Star in a C-Drama But Fell for a Scam Is Not About to Give Up Her Dream
Photo: Liu Qianying and Wang Xuan 凤鸣笙箫箫 / Weibo

China churns out a lot of dramas each year from big-budget epics to online dramas that could potentially star unknowns. Liu Qianying (刘芊螢), a former executive in the financial world, is one such example. She bid her job goodbye in 2020 to enter showbiz when she first released a song then ventured into acting. However, her dream to become a star seems to have hit a roadblock.

Last month, the aspiring singer-actress took to social media to expose her former manager. She claims her manager took advantage of the fact that she was a rookie and didn’t have any representative work by telling her that the only way for her to secure acting projects was if she invested money. She claims that she has invested millions but her manager would say, “If I gave this opportunity to a different artist, I’d be able to buy a house. I’m collecting so little money from you.” She is now suing as she says the money for the drama that was never filmed wasn’t returned to her.

Despite the setback, it seems Liu Qianying is ready to get back on her feet as she shares her recent photoshoot and a caption about chasing her dream and starting over. Liu Qianying’s age has not been disclosed but netizens guess she would be a bit older due to her career shift. She played the female lead in Love 第一次钟情, a short drama which aired in 2021, where she acted alongside Yang Haoming. This year, she finished filming the web drama Fengming Shengxiaoxiao 凤鸣笙箫箫 opposite Who Rules the World actor Wang Xuan. She also clarified that her newest drama has nothing to do with the two dramas where she was allegedly scammed.

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