Anita Yuen Fan Club Closes Shop as Her Variety Show Weddings with Julian Cheung Have Drawn Flak

Anita Yuen
Photos: Anita Yuen/ Weibo and Call Me by Fire 2/ Weibo

After 24 years in operation, Anita Yuen’s longtime fan club (永遠心儀_袁詠儀的LENLENFAMILY) suddenly announced that it was closing its doors without that much of an explanation. According to the fan site operator, there is no longer a fate nor a path that will bind them together. Some think that the closure is inevitable because the actress has not had any acting projects in film or television in a while. However, there’s also speculation that her fan club’s closure is due to her recent reality show TV wedding.

It’s Not Their First Reality Show Wedding

As sweet and romantic as it was, the wedding Julian Cheung threw for his wife Anita Yuen for his performance on Call Me by Fire 2 is currently facing a lot of criticism. Julian and Anita met though the 1993 film A Warrior’s Tragedy (邊城浪子). They married eight years later in 2001 forgoing a ceremony back then but promising to take a wedding photo when they reach 60. The gesture 21 years later of the two in their fifties was supposed to be touching. However, netizens realised this wasn’t the first time the couple pulled the “we never had a wedding we don’t have wedding pictures” line on a variety show. As some have already pointed out, the wedding ceremony they held was a little bit too performative, aimed to pull on the heartstrings and get you voting for them.

Heck even fellow contestant Alec Su seemingly threw shade on the move. Whilst helping promote Jin Han‘s new show My Deepest Dream, Jin Han was telling Alex that he’d surely let Alec know when he’s in a relationship. In response, Alec told him to “find a program to hold a wedding too” in a now-deleted post.

Unsurprisingly, Julian’s team did indeed win. However, their “replacement wedding” has everyone pointing out that the couple were back to their old tricks once again. Turns out they have “married” on reality TV before. In the 2015 reality show All The Way With You (一路上有你), the couple had their grand proposal in Seoul, South Korea and also had their wedding photos taken for the show. For All The Way With You Season 2, everyone donned traditional Laotian wedding finery including Julian and Anita.

Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung's wedding in All the Way with You 2

As for the sudden closure of Anita’s fan club, fans of the actress commiserated by telling her not to be unhappy and that they’re here for her.  Anita herself responded to the comments, saying what’s making her “unhappy is how she understands the online community less and less”.

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