Julian Cheung Finally Holds Wedding Ceremony with Anita Yuen for Their 21st Anniversary

Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen

Did Julian Cheung just throw another wedding for wife Anita Yuen? Whether it was a real one or not, his latest display of love will surely pull on your heartstrings. To pull this off, Julian enlisted the help of his Call Me by Fire teammates Zhang Yunlong, Mike Angelo and Fan Shiqi who all looked dashing in their winter white tuxedos. Singing the song “Unparalleled Beauty”, his teammates stepped back midway to give him the stage.

Julian Cheung his Call Me by Fire teammates Zhang Yunlong, Mike and Fan Shiqi
Julian Cheung with his “groomsmen”
Photo: Call Me by Fire / Weibo

With all eyes on him, Julian said “I once said I hope to be able to take a wedding photo with my wife when I’m 60. But then I thought, why, why did we have to wait until then? I specially want to give her a wedding ceremony 10 years early” he said. With everyone eagerly awaiting what comes next, his next words had everyone practically swooning:  “Anita Yuen! You are the unparalleled beauty of my heart!

The spotlight then switches over to a tearful Anita who looks radiant and gorgeous in a wedding gown.  Too impatient to wait, a tearful Julian then ran up the “aisle” to his wife who was slowly making her way towards him. By that time both the” bride and the groom” were in tears. Although Julian tried to hold his emotions back to serenade his wife, they just ended up tearfully smiling at each other. The couple was noticeably shaking too when it was time to lift Anita’s veil and to slip the ring onto her ring finger.

What a lovely way to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary especially since they never got to hold a ceremony when they married in the US in 2001. I also love that his three team mates served as Anita’s “bridesmen” fluffing out her gown afterwards and then tossing wedding sweets to the tearful audience. While it may be all part of the show, there’s no denying that it was a very sweet tribute to his wife.

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