Alex To Is Yet Another Celeb To Be Impersonated By Scammers

Alex To
Alex To
Hong Kong pop star Alex To
Photo: Alex To / Weibo

Thank goodness for savvy fans who weren’t taken in by suspicious schemes of scammers. Hong Kong pop star Alex To whose popularity saw a resurgence in Call Me By Fire‘s second season, is just one of many stars being impersonated by scammers to fleece their unsuspecting fans of their hard earned cash. Recently, one of his fans talked about her experience on the TVB show Scoop 東張西望 on how the impersonator tried to dupe her to reveal her personal information.

Faking It

The fan said that after she hit Like on a couple of posts made by Alex on social media, the scammer sent her a DM the next day and started chatting with her. Eventually, the impostor asked her to switch to email and made sure to send her messages daily. It seems he also tried to fish for information regarding her circumstances like if she was married or had kids etc.

The fan said that she usually replied back with short messages which the scammer tried calling her out for.  Claiming that he’s a busy singer and responded to lots of his fans every day, he accused her of being “insincere” for responding to his questions so curtly. Thankfully, she listened to her gut which told her something wasn’t right. For one thing, the impostor had a lot of grammatical errors.

Alex To and family
Alex celebrating their son AJ’s recent birthday
Photo: Alex To / Weibo

What made her even more suspicious is how he claimed he divorced his wife. Fake Alex also said that his wife wanted half of his net worth amounting to half a million. For a star with so many years into his career as a pop singer, she said that’s very strange for him to only have a net worth of a million. When the fake Alex tried to trick her into revealing her personal information by pretending he was sending her a parcel, she finally said enough was enough and didn’t respond to him anymore.

Meanwhile, the real Alex To issued a statement to clarify that he only has one official Instagram account (@alexto_dudewei). And as for the scammer’s claim of him divorcing his 36-year-old wife Ice Lee? Well, the energetic 60-year-old is very much married and in love with his wife!

Alex and Ice originally met each other whilst she was working as a photographer. Despite their age difference, the pair fell in love. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and have one son named AJ which is short for Alex Junior.

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