Zhang Han’s “Gentlemen of East 8th” Slammed with Criticism for its Bra Pulling Scene

Zhang Han's "Gentlemen of East 8th" Slammed with Criticism for its Bra Pulling Scene
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The show may be titled Gentlemen of East 8th 东八区的先生们, but the recent scene of Hans Zhang Han accidentally pulling on co-star Wang Xiaochen’s bra strap to keep her from falling appears to be anything but gentlemanly according to Netizens.

The scene in question shows Xu Duo, played by Wang Xiaochen, spinning on her heel and slipping as she walked away. She would’ve fallen on her butt too had it not been for Tong Yu (Zhang Han) grabbing her bra strap at the back to pull her up. Some thought of the 2014 teen rom-com Hot Young Bloods where Joong-gil  (Lee Jong-suk) accidentally pulled Sohee’s bra strap when he reached out for her. Perhaps the drama took inspiration from that scene to play up the show’s comedic factor. However Netizens just weren’t having it.

“Awkward” Hand Placements

Some have said that the angle of his hand is too unnatural and that it’s virtually impossible to pull someone up like this. In the clip, Zhang Han does some sort of a spin move to put himself in front of her. It kinda looks like he’s hugging her from the front then hoisting her up using the back strap of her bra. Others have said that the scene feels a little “too contrived”.

The scene was also criticised for being vulgar and pervy. Aside from playing the lead actor, Zhang Han is actually the producer and screen writer for the show. Folks are now wondering why in the world did he write that into the scene?

To make matters worse, yet another scene of the two having dinner together once again has viewer’s hackles up. Tong Yu appears to be sitting Xu Duo down onto his lap, but as he does so, his hand looks like it’s holding on to her boob, sparking talks of workplace sexual harassment once again.

At present, Gentlemen of East 8th currently has a score of 2.3 on Douban which is practically the lowest rating for any Cdrama this year! With a lot of chatter about workplace sexual harassment, I’m wondering if the show will even manage to come back from this.

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