Liu Runnan Apologises for his Awkwardly Placed Hand on Esther Yu’s Chest from Their Past Reality Show

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After nabbing the top spot in the first round of eliminations on the survival show Youth With You, the spotlight is very definitely now on Esther Yu Shuxin. Interest on the trainee has been steadily growing thanks to her popularity in the show, so it’s only just a matter of time for overly curious fans to look into her past.

In fact, it seems some fans have already begun to take a closer scrutiny since a screenshot of a scene from Graduation 一年级,毕业季 which Esther shot with Joy of Life and Arsenal Military Academy actor Liu Runnan a few years ago just surfaced showing the actor’s hand in a rather inappropriate position over the trainee’s chest and which naturally drew Netizen’s ire.

Truth be told I honestly can’t really tell if the actor’s hand placement was intentional or accidental if I just based it on the screenshot… but looking at the short clip above, it kinda doesn’t look intentional? But since the issue is already gathering momentum amongst Netizens, both Liu Runnan and Esther’s Studio released separate statements – Liu Runnan’s an apology, while Esther’s Studio clarifying the context before more people will misunderstand the situation.
“My apologies that while filming for Graduation, my inattention to the physical contact between me and Xinxin (his nickname for Esther) caused some unsavoury photographs to circulate. We are in fact good friends and my negligence at that time caused her so much trouble today, and for that I am really sorry. In the future, I will most definitely keep in mind “hand placement etiquette”. I would like to apologise once again to Xinxin for troubling her over this matter” says the actor in his apology.
Meanwhile, Esther’s Studio writes “the screenshot that surfaced today of Xinxin and Liu Runnan in Graduation triggered a tasteless reaction from people. These two kids developed a good friendship during the project. We’d also like to say thank you to Liu Runnan for agreeing to record a message for Xinxin on Youth With You 2. We don’t want a mere screenshot to create any misunderstanding and hope that everyone will refrain from further disseminating the screenshot from the perspective of protecting women’s rights.”
What do you guys reckon? Do you think it was just an accidental placement that was blown out of proportions? And why is this issue coming out only now that Esther is becoming quite popular? Hmm an interesting food for thought that’s for sure but do weigh in with your thoughts on the comments section below.
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