Yu Zheng Teases A Female Version of “Squid Game” in the Historical Genre

Yu Zheng
Yu ZHeng

Controversial producer Yu Zheng appears to be cooking up something new, announcing recently that he is in the process of preparing for an upcoming Squid Gameesque costume historical drama. Not quite sure how that’s going to look like or how they’re gonna pull it off, but Yu Zheng mentioned in the comments section that “simply put, the premise is to push people into a desperate situation where every choice they make is life and death.

The script is pretty good” teased the producer. Yu Zheng said that his upcoming drama is actually based on a novel (which came out earlier than Squid Games) which he hopes he’s able to do justice to. He also shared a little bit more about the project’s styling and potential casting. “The inspiration behind the design is based on the Dunhuang murals which are exquisite and life-like. The art is minimalistic, utilising ancient pine, begonia, rocks and flowing water to highlight its elegance like a Song painting”. Yu Zheng added that to keep the entire look fresh and clean, they’re dropping the usual filters dramas are so fond of using these days.

Inspiration shared by Yu Zheng
Inspiration shared by Yu Zheng on his Weibo post

Casting Requirements

As for the drama’s cast, the producer mentioned that they’re doing their best to work with new artists. And in the event that they do cast someone they’ve worked with before, the role will be completely different from what people are used to. “Young actors must put in the time to participate in training workshops mastering the four arts (zither, chess, calligraphy and painting) as well as the correct bearing and etiquette. This won’t be a “fast food” drama and stars who simply don’t have the time should stop right there” he said.

Yu Zheng says he’s looking forward to working with “good seedlings” and admitted that he’s already interviewed hundreds of potential actors. Naturally, Netizens pushed for their favourites in the comments section. Interestingly, one of the names mentioned is Liu Haocun whom you may all remember made her acting debut in Zhang Yimou’s One Second as the scruffy orphan who stole a canister of film from the travelling projectionist’s motorcycle. The producer said he’s willing to consider the actress, although some Netizens aren’t so much into the idea.

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