Wang Yibo Fires Off Denial After Allegations of Soliciting and “Being a Kept Man” Surface

Wang Yibo Fires Off Denial After Allegations of Soliciting and "Being a Kept Man" Surface
Photo: Yehua Entertainment / Weibo

Oh my! More celebs are being dragged into the mud as rumours continue to fly after news of Li Yifeng’s detention for soliciting prostitutes exploded the industry. Yesterday, Wang Yibo became the subject of some nasty speculation after online chatter claimed his involvement as a “sex worker”, that he was “soliciting prostitutes” and that he was a “kept man”. To nip such rumours in the bud before it gets any more wilder, Yehua Entertainment, the idol’s management company, quickly fired off a statement denying the allegations. They also said they have already filed a case with police and enlisted their lawyers to combat the defamatory statements.

False and Defamatory

In their statement, Yehua said that the various rumours circulating online have seriously damaged the idol’s reputation.  To ensure these will no longer continue to mislead the public, they said that online chatter about Wang Yibo being a sex worker or that he solicited prostitutes or that he was a kept man are all defamatory.

Mr. Wang Yibo abides by the law and does not know Mr “Li such-and such” at all. Malicious parties have spread rumours and caused trouble. This constitutes a violation of Mr. Wang Yibo’s rights and his reputation.” They also warned whoever is spreading these falsehoods to stop and to delete any content lest they want to face the consequences of the law.

As for the defamatory statements against the idol, Yehua also confirmed action has already been done to combat them. First, they have already filed a case with the police yesterday September  13. Moreover, they’ve also enlisted the help of a lawyer to file the relevant case materials for submission to the courts against relevant parties to protect his rights against the falsehoods being said against him.

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