Li Yifeng Detained for Soliciting Prostitutes

Li Yifeng Detained for Soliciting Prostitutes
Photo: Li Yifeng Studio/ Weibo

The mid-autumn weekend has been anything but quiet after accusations against actor Li Yifeng for soliciting prostitutes exploded entertainment news. Whereas the actor and his Studio issued denials which are now nowhere to be seen, Chinese media reports that Li Yifeng has been detained by Beijing police.

Rumours About a Certain Mr. “Li He”

Earlier in the week, speculation ran rife that a Mr Li He who was arrested for solicitation back in August and released at the beginning of September was in fact actually Li Yifeng. Li He is said to be the actor’s real name. Rumours then began to fly about the actor. He allegedly hooked up with an internet celeb in Thailand. Other rumours connected him to disgraced former Big Bang member Lee Seung-ri claiming them to be friends and that Li Yifeng actually attended some of his parties.

Then, there’s also the fact that Li Yifeng’s name appeared to have been dropped mysteriously from CCTV’s mid autumn roster. This helped to fan further speculation that something was indeed up.

With so many rumours flying around, Li Yifeng’s Studio finally issued a now deleted statement late night on September 10. They said that the actor has always acted morally, ethically and responsibly and that whatever was being said against him are not true. Moreover, they also intend to take legal action against the malicious rumors.

Police Detention

Beijing Police
Screenshot: Beijing Police / Weibo

On the afternoon of September 11 , Beijing Police published a statement saying a certain actor “Li such-and-such” (李某某), male and aged 35, was detained for his involvement in a criminal case. They said the person confessed to the illegal act of visiting prostitutes multiple times and has been placed under administrative detention according to the law.

Moreover, media also reported learning through a “reliable source” that actor ‘Li such-and-such’ is in fact Li Yifeng.

Brands Cutting Endorsement Contracts

As expected, there’s already been an exodus of brands cutting ties with the actor including luxury brands like Prada and Panerai.  Likewise, jewellery brand LukFook has also issued a statement as had herbal brand Nin Jiom. Other brands are expected to follow suit.

Prada cancelling endorsement contract with Li Yifeng
Screenshot: Prada/ Weibo
Panerai cancelling endorsement contract with Li Yifeng
Screenshot: Panerai/ Weibo
Lukfook cancelling endorsement contract with Li Yifeng
Screenshot: LukFook/ Weibo
Ninjiom cancelling endorsement contract
Screenshot: Nin Jiom/ Weibo

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