Seungri Pleads Guilty to Nine Counts, Receives a Reduced Sentence Following Appeal

Seungri Pleads Guilty to Nine Counts, Receives a Reduced Sentence Following Appeal

Last August, disgraced former K-pop star Seungri was found guilty of gambling and prostitution related offences and sentenced to three years in prison. He was also mandated to pay a fine of KRW 1.15 million. According to reports, his three year sentence was commuted down to one year and six months in jail following an appeal he made to the court.

Seungri was originally sentenced to three years of jail time and a fine of KRW 1.15 million following his involvement in the Burning Sun nightclub scandal that implicated several other male celebrities. The former Big Bang member was convicted on all nine counts against him, all of which he denied except for the charge of violating the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act for his overseas gambling.

Today however, the disgraced star received a lighter sentence following his appeal trial. Instead the three year sentence handed down to him by the courts last year, he only needs to complete eighteen months of jail time. The new sentence is supposedly the result of him doing a complete 180 from his original plea of not guilty. For his appeal, Seungri admitted to all nine counts he is charged with, some of which include soliciting sexual services for foreign investors, misappropriation of funds, illegal gambling. This also came with his promise that he will be carefully reflecting on his actions.

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