Angelababy and Other Chinese Artists Might Be Required to Drop Foreign Sounding Names?

Angelababy and Jackie Li
Photos: Angelababy/ Weibo and Jackie Li/ Weibo

There may be new rules again. Veteran screenwriter Wang Hailin just made a very specific shoutout to Angelababy and Jackie Li to switch back to their proper Chinese names. It’s no secret that the veteran screenwriter isn’t shy when it comes to expressing himself. He would often name names when dispensing sharp and unforgiving critique he’s known for.  “Yang Ying can no longer call herself as Angelababy and La Mu Yang Zi (辣目洋子) must also be referred to using their Chinese name. It is a requirement of the National Radio and Television Administration. A foreign name or a stage name that’s foreign sounding will no longer be allowed” he blasted.

La Mu Yang Zi Drops Her Screen Name

Influencer turned actress Jackie Li recently starred in the series The Legendary Life of Queen Lau. The show not only drew flak for not using authentic Chinese costumes, even Jackie whose screen name is La Mu Yang Zi did not escape criticism. She was accused of trying to sound Japanese since her name had 4 characters as opposed to the usual 2-3. Jackie just announced on social media that she was going back to her real name Li Jiaqi. “My mum said, it’s just as good, so I’m listening to my mother.” She also said if you think her real name is a bit hard to remember, just “call me by my nickname Xiao La (小辣)” which means (a) little spicy. “Life is full of ups and downs, but each person has the power to determine its direction. Consider me just like the occasional seasoning on your table…”

If this turns out to be true, it’ll definitely take a while to get used to not calling Angelababy… well, Angelababy. As for the rest of the stars going by English names such as Justin Huang Minghao or Zheng Hehuizi whose four character name is often mistaken to be Japanese, will they have to make changes too?

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