Vivian Chow Ageless as Ever as She Receives Cat Cuddles!

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow
Photo: Vivian Chow/ Weibo

Cat cuddles for Vivian Chow! The Cantopop singer recently shared some super adorable photos of herself visiting her friend’s two cats with her husband Joe Nieh (Ni Zhen), son of late novelist Ni Kuang. “The cats are very clever, have good temperaments and love people. They also love to give hugs. The pair of them have a great relationship. They usually snuggle together most of the time and are inseparable. Even if they’re old and weak now, they’re still full of vitality. Go kitties! There’re big brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles praying for you. May the Heavenly Father preserve you and keep you safe.”

As a cat mum herself, Vivian often refers to her cats as her fur babies. In fact, she even wrote a book about her cat Pal Chow which she entitled My Cat Son Pal Chow in 2004. The singer previously revealed that she and her husband have no plans to have kids. It’s easy to see why her beloved pets have become her own children. That’s why it’s not entirely surprising to see that extra note saying she didn’t make a mistake when she used “they (他)” (and not “it”) to describe the cute felines. “This is how I usually refer to animals I see as family.”

Meanwhile, can we also take a moment to appreciate just how good Vivian looks at 54?! What is it about these 90s beauty icons that all looks so ageless? Vivian is yet another star who looks like she took a drink out of the fountain of youth with just how ageless her beauty is.

Vivian Chow is a Cantopop singer and actress who rose to fame during the 90s. Known for her songs like A Long and Lasting Love and Rumor, she holds multiple platinum awards for her Cantonese and Mandarin albums. The singer also recorded albums in Japanese as well. Vivian retired from the entertainment scene during the late 90s, moving to Canada with Joe before returning to Hong Kong 6 years later. It wasn’t until 2009 that the couple whose on again off again relationship went on for many years finally tied the knot.

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