Carman Lee Gets a Birthday Shoutout from Hu Bing

 Happy Birthday again to the ageless beauty Carman Lee!

Carman Lee and Hu Bing are two actors who hardly look to be in their 50s. The actress who’s also popularly dubbed as the “most beautiful Xiao Long Nu” for her role in the 1995 TV adaption of The Return of the Condor Heroes, just celebrated turning 56 on August 16. And to celebrate with her, buddy Hu Bing gave her a big birthday shoutout on social media.

Happy birthday to my old friend @Carman Lee. On this day when you can make a wish without having to wait for a shooting star, I wish you a lifetime of doing the things you love.” He accompanies his greeting with a bicep envy inducing photo of them both showing off those super toned arms.

Like Carman whose “not so secret” beauty secret to looking fabulous and ageless is to get those endorphins going by working out, Hu Bing also appears to be bitten by the fitness bug. The 51-year-old Chinese actor-model religiously shares short clips of himself working out on social media where he seems to have hit his newest goal of successfully doing the horizontal split/stretch which he appears to have successfully achieved. Carman left a comment on his post saying, “Thanks for the birthday greeting! Seeing the photo, I wonder when can we go to the gym to have a match?”

Carman Lee birthday
Carman Lee turns 56.

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