Qi Wei Denies Accusation of Selling Fakes on Livestream

Qi WEi
Qi Wei
Photo: Qi Wei Studio/ Weibo

A bit of drama at the start of the week as actress Qi Wei was accused by a Netizen of selling fake goods on her live broadcast room. Said Netizen claimed a white clay masked purchased through the actress’ live broadcast in February was identified as fake and even hired an appraisal agency to confirm legitimacy. Qi Wei Studio denied the accusation, saying that everything sold in the live broadcast were obtained legitimately with the proper verifications and qualifications behind it. They also promised if the items are proven to be fake that they will compensate ten times the price of one.

To back her claims officially, the Netizen commissioned a scientific research appraisal agency who uses an AI with an accuracy rate of 99% to verify. The agency’s senior appraisers also concluded that the item submitted for appraisal was “not in line with genuine craftsmanship”. Curiously, media also reports that after the agency published its findings, they claimed to have received a request from a “celebrity’s studio” to delete the post. Moreover, they said that the shop from where the Netizen purchased the item no longer sells anything.

Qi Wei’s Response

Qi Wei’s Studio shared customs declaration forms, origin information of the goods as well as shipping details

On the other side of the issue, the actress and her Studio remain adamant that the products being sold on live broadcast are fully legit. Emphasising the importance of adhering to the law and honesty as the cornerstone of their business, they said they will surely get to the bottom of things. Amongst the documents Qi Wei’s Studio has already shared in their bid to be more transparent are customs declaration forms, origin information of the goods as well as shipping details.

Today, the latest from the actress’ side is that they’ve already escalated the issue to the police and are awaiting investigation. The move has stumped many Netizens who are questioning why the police is involved.

Qi Wei goes to the police
Photo: Qi Wei Studio/ Weibo

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