Kathy Chow Shows Everyone Her Sexier Side

Kathy Chow Shows Everyone Her Sexier Side
Photo: Kathy Chow/ Weibo and Screen capture: Share / Weibo

Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow, 55, shows she’s every inch the strong and confident woman she is. In her recent interview with the publication Share 分享客, Kathy happily chatted about life in Beijing with her pet dogs. In a short highlights clip of her shoot, the actress can also be seen trying on several eye-catching looks. Kathy channeled her inner girl boss in a smart suit with a whimsical print. Likewise, she also tapped into her ladylike side wearing a white outfit and then later, in a traditional red cheongsam. Kathy also showed off her sexier side in a black form-fitting low-cut dress that accentuated her curves. Many left comments saying she looks as beautiful as before.

It’s great to see the former TVB actress living her best life and not taking herself too seriously. In the past, Kathy has been very vocal about living well and being happy despite being single. In spite of this however, all people seem to want to know is why she hasn’t remarried yet. The actress was briefly married in her 20s to Hong Kong actor Ray Lui.

Kathy says she’s already achieved the life that she wants and that she doesn’t get everyone’s obsession with marriage. No one’s going to die if they’re not married, she pointed out. With the constant barrage of questions from virtual strangers asking about her marital status, it’s understandable why this is a touchy subject for the actress.

Kathy Chow
Screen capture: Share/Weibo

Before relocating to Mainland China almost two decades ago, Kathy Chow starred in several TVB hits such as The Breaking Point, Time Before Time and Secret of The Heart in the 90s.  Her more recent appearances include a supporting roles in popular dramas such as the 2018 hit Ashes of Love as the Heavenly Empress Tu Yao and as Mie Jue in 2019’s Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre. She also made a couple of cameos in Shen Yue and Jerry Yan’s Count Your Lucky Stars.

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