Irene Wan Shrugs Off Haters with Photos of Her Summer Bod

Irene Wan birthday bash
Irene Wan in a cute swimsuit during her birthday bash in Hong Kong

Can you imagine Irene Wan just turned 56 very recently on July 30? Looking at the snippets she’d been sharing from her recent holiday, Irene appears to be as youthful as ever as she as she lives it up in Bali. For her trip, the fashionista made sure to pack her signature colourful dresses and boho-inspired accessories. What’s equally amazing though is her summer ready bod as she rocks out in fun bikinis to take advantage of the hot weather chilling out by the beach or poolside. They say that if you got, flaunt it right? Maintaining her figure and her skin couldn’t have been easy, so kudos to her.

Irene Wan summer bod
Photos: Irene Wan / Weibo

As one of the lucky ones whose beauty appears ageless, Irene often plays up her looks in the more girlish styles she prefers.  Granted, a lot of folks have been trying to get her to switch up her style into something more “age-appropriate” so comments like “why are you pretending to be a girl again?” is nothing new. Same goes for the criticism about her long girlish hairstyle which many observed was almost always covering her face. That doesn’t seem to faze Irene from continuing to share snaps of her living her best life though, happy and confident with the way she is. Also making occasional appearances in her photos are her businessman husband Kenny Ho whom she married in 2000 and their son Xavier who came into their lives in 2010 when they adopted him.

Irene Wan with husband Kenneth Ho and son Xavier
Irene holidaying with husband Kenneth Ho and their son Xavier.

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