Dylan Wang Says Sorry After Being Called Out for Cutting the Queue

Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang in Love Between Fairy and Devil
Photo: Dylan Wang / Weibo

Dylan Wang just apologised after getting called out publicly for jumping a queue. “I’m very sorry for being a poor example. I sincerely apologise to everyone. I’m sorry, I made a mistake” wrote the actor. A video of the incident showed the actor nonchalantly stepping into the space in front of an assistant as they queued up to get swabbed for a Covid-19 test.

When the issue started gaining traction from outraged Netizens, his assistant took to social media to apologise and clarify the situation. According to him, both himself and Dylan where scheduled to get swabbed on the same day. However because Dylan was in the middle of a work call, he queued up first but made sure to leave a space for one person. He also said that the folks behind him were aware of the situation. “It was poor judgement on our end. I’m really sorry. Will be more careful in the future”, he apologised.

Dylan Wang Apology
Dylan Wang / Weibo

Since starring in the xianxia drama Love Between Fairy and Devil with Esther Yu, the drama’s stars (Zhang Linghe included) have seen their follower count grow by tens of thousands. With Dylan though, the actor has already gained nearly a million followers on social media. And that number is still growing yet. Given his rise in popularity, Dylan Wang has also found himself trending on Weibo’s hot search with various hashtags from a rumored non-showbiz girlfriend to him simply eating ramen at a restaurant and now this.

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