Ding Zeren Issues an Apology After a Fansite Exposes His Supposed Shady Behaviour

Ding Zeren
Photo: Ding Zeren/ Weibo

NEXT member Ding Zeren finally breaks his silence to respond to the accusations made against him by a fansite owner. Previously, Zhan jie as the owner of his biggest fansite “Mirror1119 丁泽仁 is called, leaked their private conversations accusing the singer of shady behaviour such as randomly hooking up with fans, cheating on his girlfriends and even backstabbing some of his NEXT band mates Justin Huang Minghao, Li Quanzhe and Huang Xinchun as well as colleagues like Wang Yibo.

In a statement yesterday, he first apologised for letting everyone down, most especially those that he hurt with his careless and boastful comments. “.. I have realised the gravity of my mistakes and misdemeanors. I should not talk about others behind their backs and make blindly arrogant and hurtful statements that show a lack of emotional intelligence. These are harmful to the company, industry seniors, colleagues and friends who have helped me.” As for his friends whom he may have hurt with the revelations against him, the singer says he’s “really really sorry”.

Ding Zeren Statement

Claims of Psychological Abuse and Harassment

Ding Zeren also revealed in the second half of his statement the supposed abusive nature of his relationship with Zhan jie whom he once regarded as his big sister and his mentor. Calling his experiences with her “a nightmare”, he recounts how she tried to gaslight him in an effort to control him. “She not only asked me to report to her every day for the next 10 years, frequently cursing and trying to limit my personal freedom through mind control. She threatened me to commit suicide and self-harm, even harassing my family often”.

Whenever she’s dissatisfied, he says she always threatened to leak things on Weibo. Meanwhile, he said that given the toll on his mental health, he committed suicide several times. Thanks to the support of his family and friends however, he said he cut off all contact with her and had forwarded everything to the police for resolution.

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