Coco Lee Who Trended for Singing Off-Key at Hundred Flowers Awards Receives an Apology from the Show’s Director

Coco lee
Coco Lee
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Last weekend, Coco Lee apologised for her regrettable performance at the 36th Hundred Flowers Awards where she sang Peking Opera Blues to audiences. Unfortunately for her, the Hong Kong singer’s valiant attempt to sing live was heavily criticised by Netizens for being super off-key. This week, Coco receives a public apology from the chief director of the awards ceremony for their shortcomings.

“We Will Not Compromise and Strive for Perfection”

Thank you “daughter of Wuhan” Coco Lee for singing in the ceremony and representing your hometown. We witnessed your tenacity and strength in your continued dedication to rehearse over and over again, in your enthusiastic interaction with the audience, amazing everyone each time. Were truly sorry for not enabling you to achieve your best performance onstage due to the earpiece. Our sincerest apologies to the audience and to Miss Coco Lee.”

The showrunners also reiterated their commitment to strive for the best and to improve their shortcomings despite the many surprises and imperfections putting on a live show entails. In the future, they said they will continue to produce shows where artists sing live and also aim for perfect performances.

“I’m Really Ashamed and Sorry”

In her previous apology where she expressed her regrets for disappointing everyone, Coco said she was “very frustrated and sad” when she saw everyone’s feedback. She also explained that they encountered a wee bit of a technical issue with her ear piece. “There were hip-hop elements in the song this time, so the low bass was very heavy, overpowering my voice and making it inaudible. My ears felt like all the sounds were cut off”. But as they say, the show must go on. The singer said she tried her best to complete her performance despite being unable to hear her voice.

Coco added that she feels very ashamed and sorry for failing to give audiences a more perfect stage. “I disappointed everyone and I want to apologise.” She promised that she will learn from this performance and work harder to give everyone the best performance next time.

Coco Lee apologises

Gosh, everyone has off days. But really, of all the days to have one, it had to happen during a prestigious awards ceremony. Kudos to her for taking everything in stride and bouncing back quickly!

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