Lin Chi-ling Lawsuit Over Money Owed to Her After Her Variety Show Appearance Ignites Talk About Skyhigh Celebrity Salaries

New Restrictions Placed on Company Who Owes Lin Chi-ling RMB 4 Million
Photo: Lin Chi-ling appeared on Go Fighting in 2017 / Weibo

New updates on the case filed by Lin Chi-ling’s Studio against production company Yuan Chun Media who’s now been slapped with a consumption restriction banning it from making high ticket purchases. Media reports the motion was filed by Yukui Film and Television Culture Studio, a company which Lin Chi-ling has a 99% stake.

Last year, the Taiwanese model and actress won the suit they filed against Yuan Chun Media for failing to pay her for her two episode appearance on variety show Go Fighting! Season 3 in July 2017. That’s four years of waiting for a single cent from the cool RMB 4 million she was owed. With the additional court order restricting high level consumption for Yuan Chun Media, it’s very possible Lin Chi-ling still hasn’t seen a single cent.

Simply put, a consumption restriction is a tool used by Chinese courts to ensure debtors won’t fritter away their assets on lavish lifestyles. But of course, the fastest way to get out of the restriction is for the debtor to finally pay up what is owed.

Lucrative Career

Another thing that seems to hold people’s attention about this case is the eye-wateringly high salary celebs are being paid to appear in a show. Can you believe the actress is supposed to receive RMB 4 million (almost US$ 600,000) for just 2 episodes on a variety show?

Participated in Go Fighting! 2 episodes for four million, making money is so easy!” observed one Netizen. Another said “filming variety shows seems to be the quickest and easiest way for stars to earn money. No wonder some people are addicted to recording variety shows instead of filming dramas after they become popular”. Imagine then just how high the fees uber popular A listers can command for a single appearance! Crazy right?

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