Jessica Hsuan Cried When She Turned 30 But Her Age-Related Anxiety Has Disappeared Now That She’s in Her Fifties

Jessica Hsuan
Photo: Suen Huen / Weibo

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan who will be turning 52 this coming August recently opened up about her thoughts on ageing. Single in her fifties, she admitted that she was once asked by her then boyfriend to choose between her career and getting married. She felt that she’d regret giving up being an actress so she chose work.

Jessica Hsuan at Ages 30, 40 and 50

In a recent interview on the Chinese talk show A Date with Luyu 鲁豫有约, Jessica Hsuan shared, “I really cried the night I turned 30, I felt that I was past my prime. Getting married and all that stuff should’ve happened at that stage, but that time has passed. What am I going to do? So I cried, but I cried for a very short time and I was fine after a few minutes.” She then talked about having a completely different mindset when she ushered in the big 4-0 thinking, “wow, I feel like this is just the beginning… A woman at 40 is a new and good beginning.”

She reveals that her anxiety came back when she was 49 but it’s now disappeared. She said, “Before I felt that turning 49 won’t do. Sitting there, crying and feeling that it’s over. But it’s very odd that on the last night (of her forties), I was really looking forward to turning 50. I can start enjoying everything I’ve done in the past because I used to think that I could not have relationships and that work came first. When I turned 50, I thought, hey, not anymore, I look forward to enjoying life.”

It was also during the same interview that Jessica revealed being called “old” and “fat” by her manager who thought she should find another job at her age. She chose to terminate her working relationship with that manager.

Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo
Photo: Suen Huen and Louis Koo / Weibo

Friendship with Louis Koo

To this day, many think fondly of Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo’s onscreen pairing from the hit TVB drama A Step into the Past in 2001. They were even caught in marriage rumors in recent years as Louis Koo is also still single though it was quickly shut down. With regards to her longtime friend Louis Koo, she says they treat each other like brothers. Jessica Hsuan says, “I consider myself half a man, and he also considers me half a man.” Jessica has also joined Louis Koo’s company One Cool Film Production as an artist under its banner. They are also set to reprise their roles in the upcoming film Back to the Past.

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