Francis Ng Loses “Best Actor” Once Again at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Gets Roasted by His Son

Francis Ng
Francis Ng

Leave it to your kids to keep you humble. Hong Kong actor and director Francis Ng learned this the “hard way” after his son Feynman roasted him on social media for failing to bring home the Best Actor award from this year’s 40th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Francis Ng’s movie Drifting 浊水漂流 was nominated for 11 awards including Best Film, Best Actor,  Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor for both Will Or and Tse Kwan-ho. However, with 11 nominations under its belt, the film still came home empty handed.

Sixth Time’s Still NOT a Charm

Francis Ng received his very first Best Actor nomination back in 2000 for Bullets Over Summer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be since the award ultimately went to Andy Lau for his role in Running Out of Time 暗战. Neither did he win the next 5 Best Actor nominations he received over the next 22 years. Drifting was actually the actor’s sixth nomination for Best Actor that he didn’t win. This prompted his cheeky 14-year-old son to “congratulate” his dad for winning the “Best Supporting Companion” and “Best Unpopular Award”. Guess being famous didn’t save Francis from getting a good ribbing from his own son huh?


Meanwhile, when prompted for a comment by fans over this upset, Francis Ng Studio also shared a short statement: “Every filmmaker’s efforts are all worthy of wholehearted blessings … Grateful for everyone’s love and support for brother Francis. For the filmmakers, movie and TV teams who are full with confidence and who look forward to creating good works for everyone in the future, my heartfelt thanks.”

Francis Ng is well known for his roles in projects such as The Mission, Young and Dangerous, Triumph in the Skies and Infernal Affairs 2. He broke into the entertainment industry back in 1982 thanks to a stint in TVB’s training classes and counts Stephen Chow and Tony Leung as his peers. In 2014, the actor appeared with his son Feynman on the variety show “Where are We Going, Dad?”.

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