Bambi Zhu Xudan Replaces Crystal Yuan Bingyan in “Fox Spirit Matchmaker”?

Crystal and Bambi
Crystal Yuan Bingyan and Bambi Zhu Xudan
Photos: 袁冰妍 and 祝绪丹Bambi/ Weibo

At least, that’s what the rumourmill appears to be saying. After news broke about Crystal Yuan Bingyan’s tax evasion case, many wondered what will happen to the fate of her role in the drama adaptation of manhua Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong 狐妖小红娘月红篇. The series is reportedly being helmed by Yang Mi and Simon Gong Jun with Yuan Bingyan as the second lead. However, word on the street is that she is now being replaced by Bambi Zhu Xudan.

Mind you this is all speculation still as there hasn’t been any official announcement yet from the series. However, eagle-eyed Netizens noticed that the cast list for the series’ Douban page appears to have already been updated to show Zhu Xudan’s name for the role of Tu Shan Yaya (涂山雅雅) which was originally Yuan Bingyan’s. If this proves to be true, this makes Zhu Xudan the third Jaywalk artist cast to helm the series with the exception of Gong Jun since the second male lead Leon Zhang Yun Long is also under the Jaywalk banner.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker
Fox Spirit Matchmaker Douban page shows Bambi Zhu Xudan in the role of Tu Shan Yaya

What do you guys think of this rumoured change? Seems there’re a lot of folks who think Zhu Xudan is actually more suitable for the role than Yuan Bingyan. Others also couldn’t help remembering her as Xuan Nu in the fantasy romance Eternal Love which also saw Yang Mi play a fox as she does here in Fox Spirit Matchmaker. On the other hand, if this is indeed true, does anyone here feel like things happened a little too fast? Yuan Bingyan was fined for tax evasion last June with the news only leaking out this week. That’s pretty quick if they managed to replace her already. Then again, Fox Spirit Matchmaker is said to be in the middle of filming right now so time is definitely of the essence.

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